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Food Products Only Available in Austin, Texas area! 

Sweet with a little spicy kick or a lot of heat, depending on your preference. The Spicy & Savory version features cayenne and rosemary, and contains butter. Simple ingredients, no preservatives, all delicious.



Rich in magnesium, manganese, and zinc, these are a great choice for a healthy snack! (6oz)

Roasted Cashews

  • Nuts (Cashews) 

We are more than happy to adjust the recipes to make sure you enjoy your order. When requesting a substitution, please specify whether it is a preference or allergy. If it is an allergy, we will be extra careful to avoid cross-contamination with the allergen(s). 

With the nut butters, there is a chance of cross-contamination because the same equipment is used for all nut butters. So if you have a severe allergy to peanuts (or any other kind of nut), it is not recommended that you purchase any of the nut butters, just to stay on the safe side.