What Makes Charlotte's Choice Granola Special?

You may have heard of Charlotte's Choice because I talk or post about it pretty often. You may have even tasted or bought some granola or peanut butter. But you might be wondering - "What makes it so special? Why should I buy it?" Well, let's take a look.

1) It's local. We're based in Kyle, Texas, and cater to the Austin/Kyle/Buda/San Marcos area. The people of Austin love to support local businesses, so with Charlotte's Choice, you can get delicious products while supporting your community.

2) It's homemade. It's not mass-produced. It's made at home, by one person, with love. Cheesy, I know, but it's true. I really think about what the person buying the granola will like, and I strive to always fulfill that.

3) The products don't contain fillers. I don't add anything to the recipes that doesn't have a purpose. Whether it's oats for the base, cinnamon for flavor, nuts for protein, or honey to hold it all together, everything is there for a reason. That's why you can feel better about what you're eating. There aren't any added preservatives or artificial sweeteners. It's all real... and real delicious.

4) It offers unique, delicious flavors. I strive to provide flavors that you won't find in stores. I never really ate store-bought granola, but I have shopped for it a few times for my husband and daughter, and I noticed that the flavors are really... repetitive. Yeah, some have nuts and some have chocolate, but there isn't a whole lot of difference in flavor options. I make unique flavors like Mint to Be (a Christmas peppermint bark flavor) and Rise & Shine (mocha flavor with pecans). I'm a granola maker who doesn't play by the rules.

5) It's named after my daughter. Yes, my daughter is the namesake of the business. It's because she is obsessed with eating granola and cereal, and lately has been requesting it for almost every meal. Because it is named for her, I have an extra incentive to make the products and service as great as they can be because I want it to be something that she could potentially get involved in when she's older. I don't want to tarnish her name by taking shortcuts or having less than amazing customer service. I want to create a brand and a legacy for her by building a business that encapsulates her personality, her passions, her joy, and her utter beauty, inside and out.

6) It's a small business run by a real person. Because Charlotte's Choice isn't a huge corporation, but rather one person, your voice will always be heard and be influential. I take my customers' (and potential customers') concerns and suggestions seriously. I have tweaked recipes or added new flavors based on what you guys want and think. Sure, I could make up flavors and stick with what I come up with, no matter what... but that wouldn't be effective if it wasn't something you guys enjoyed. I listen to you when you say "I think this one needs more chocolate" or "Can you put in a little less peanut butter?" Even if I don't change the recipe for every subsequent batch, I will still alter your order because I want it to be something that you enjoy. You're the one buying it and eating it, so I want you to be happy with it!

So don't be afraid to ask for substitutions or make suggestions, or even to request a whole new flavor! I consider your feedback vital to this business and the happiness of its customers.

You have a voice, and a unique palate. Don't be afraid to express them!


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