Our Background

How We Got Started

My daughter Charlotte would eat granola and yogurt for almost every meal if we let her, so I decided to make my own recipes that I felt confident in giving to my own child. I use only natural sweeteners, and fill the bowl with oats, fruits, and nuts for a balanced meal or snack. 

My husband has an autoimmune disease that we recently discovered is made worse by a lot of different foods, including wheat, which unfortunately is in most store-bought granola. He was a big part of my inspiration because I wanted to give him a variety of delicious options for breakfast or to take on the go so that he wasn't limited to the same few foods. In fact, he can eat every one of my flavors! 

With the lip balms, I decided to start making my own so I could choose what ingredients went into them, especially after discovering that half the ingredients in the lip balm I had been using at the time were hormone disruptors. I also suffer from eczema and dry skin, especially in the winter, so I decided to make lotion bars as well to help keep my skin moisturized and prevent flare-ups. Like the granola, the skin care products don't contain fillers. Every ingredient serves a purpose. 

What We Do

We combine wholesome, natural ingredients to form a tasty breakfast or snack filled with ingredients you can recognize. No fillers or added chemicals, just food - nuts, seeds, fruits, oats, and natural sweeteners (honey and real maple syrup). Our granola is made-to-order, so it is fresh! Once you try it, you'll never go back to store-bought granola! 

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